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Slimp offers webinars to increase revenue during COVID-19 and beyond

By Kevin Slimp, The News Guru
Publisher at Market Square Books
CEO, newspaperacademy.com

Dear Newspaper Colleagues,

Last night, a few of us were up late creating a new website for a new business, created to help authors self-publish their books.

It dawned on me that there are a lot of folks stuck at home right now, and a number of them are spending time finishing their books. Then it also dawned on me that this could be a “cash cow” for our community newspapers – publishing books for local authors for a fee.

I’m so sure this is a good plan for my company that I just hired a new employee to direct our new self-publishing division which will be announced publicly in two weeks. We also hired an additional designer to help with all the books I believe we will be publishing.

I will lead the first of two webinars this Thursday to teach newspapers what it took me weeks to figure out when I first began my book publishing company three years ago. The information can be found below.

I hope you’re getting through the crisis okay. I’m hearing from publishers several times every day. It’s a tough time for all of us. I think this is an idea that could be very helpful for many newspapers.

Take care,


Kevin Slimp, Director of NewspaperAcademy.com, is offering two webinars to help newspapers gain new revenue while folks are home during the COVID-19 crisis. Both are designed to help newspapers become book publishers while folks are home with time to finish the books they’ve been writing for years. Slimp has been a successful traditional book publisher for years and thinks newspapers could begin immediately making significant income helping would-be authors publish their own books. It’s a win-win situation. Your local writers are able to publish their books and newspapers can use resources they already have to quickly get them published. Here are details of Slimp’s upcoming webinars:

Earn Significant Revenue Publishing Books for Local Authors: What you need to know to begin right away
Leader: Kevin Slimp
Thursday, April 9 at 3pm Eastern / 2pm Central/ Noon Pacific
Fee: $59 (US)

In the book industry, publishing books for a fee from authors is referred to as “assisted self-publishing” And let’s face it, during the COVID-19 crisis, there are a lot of would-be authors polishing their manuscripts and looking for a way to publish their books. Now you can come to their rescue.

Kevin Slimp knows a lot about book publishing. Since 2017, he has been publisher at Market Square Books, representing dozens of best-selling authors and publishing several best-selling books. Heck, he even authored a #1 best seller in 2019 (Where Do We Go From Here?) While racking his brain to think of ways newspaper could bring in added revenue during the COVID-19 crisis, it dawned on Kevin that newspapers already have everything necessary to publish books.

• Do you have InDesign or Quark? Check
• Do you have Photoshop? Check
• Do you have a copyeditor? Check

If you answered yes to all three questions, you have everything you need to begin a book publishing business.
In the first of two webinars for newspapers who want to begin publishing books for local writers, and making thousands of dollars in profit in the process, Kevin will explain the ins and outs of the process.

• Where do we begin?
• What do we need?
• Who will do what?
• How much do we charge?
• Who will print our books?
• Where will they sell?
• How can we make money from publishing and selling the books?

In the second webinar, coming Friday, April 17, Kevin will cover the technical aspects of designing and printing books. He’ll even cover details you will need to know to begin designing, editing and printing books right away.

The Technical “How To’s” of Book Publishing
Leader: Kevin Slimp
Friday, April 17 at Noon Eastern / 11 Central / 9 Pacific
Fee: $59 (US)

Have you ever considered publishing books to create a new revenue stream for your newspaper?

Your community is filled with dozens or hundreds of would-be novelists, just looking for a way to publish their work. In this second in our series on book publishing, Kevin will explain how to create and print books in a way that brings a steady, significant revenue stream back to your paper.

Well, Kevin Slimp – known to most folks in our industry as “the news guru” – has made quite a name for himself in the book publishing world, having published several titles, signed best-selling authors, and even making the “best seller” list with his own book.

During this 60-minute webinar, the second in a two-part series, Kevin will take you through the steps necessary to publish books – and make a profit.
Going past the point of simple “self publishing,” Kevin will share some of the secrets that have made his publishing company a serious player in the book world in just one year. This session will cover the technical details related to book publishing. Learn in an hour what it took Kevin weeks to figure out on his own when he entered the publishing world.