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Retired publisher, ANA member, Freireich receives ISWNE 2020 Eugene Cervi Award

Elliott Freireich

Born into a newspaper family, Elliott Freireich started his own paper, the West Valley View, in the Phoenix suburbs in 1986. Before selling it 31 years later, he managed to win a highly publicized lawsuit against “America’s Toughest Sheriff” and subsequently garnered the Arizona Newspapers Association’s Freedom of Information Award.

His parents, Burt and Ursula Freireich, were longtime International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors (ISWNE) members and 2008 Cervi winners as well. Burt and Elliott Freireich are the second father and son to serve as ISWNE presidents. Burt led the Society in 1968-69; Elliott was a two-term president in 1998-2000.

Read more about Elliot’s notable newspaper career and significant contributions to journalism and local community. Freireich’s Biography begins on page 20.
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The Eugene Cervi Award was established by ISWNE in 1976 to honor the memory of Eugene Cervi of the Rocky Mountain Journal in Denver by recognizing a newspaper editor who has consistently acted in the conviction that “good journalism begets good government.”

The award is presented not for a single brave accomplishment, however deserving, but for a career of outstanding public service through community journalism and regarded as a lifetime achievement award. The New York Times described Cervi as “one of the most outspoken voices in American journalism.”