Reporter – Safford, Ariz.

Eastern Arizona Courier & The Copper Era is seeking a reporter with motivation.

First, the fun stuff: We’re located at the foot of the Pinaleño Mountains and just minutes away from Roper Lake State Park. We’ve got tons of places to hike, hunt, fish, four-wheel or go birding. We’re also less than an hour away from several wineries. We have 300 sunny days a year (OK, a bit toasty at times). You won’t have to worry about traffic jams, smog, lengthy commutes or violent crimes.

It gets better: Veteran editor who wants to help you improve as a reporter and writer. We’re a local paper that covers big stories. If you’re looking for that next step in your career, we’re worth a look. We’re a small newsroom so when you’re not helping out covering a worldwide pandemic, you could be assigned anything from schools to features to more features to mining and farming. We love enterprise work that goes beyond the surface.

The Eastern Arizona Courier and The Copper Era serve Graham and Greenlee counties, respectively. We need somebody who has initiative and is willing to tackle print, online, video, photo and social media.

We cover several communities twice weekly (The Eastern Arizona Courier) and weekly (The Copper Era) and 24/7 web and social media coverage. We have a M-F newsletter as well.

We use Blox CMS (Content Management System by Town News) for writing and posting online. Knowledge of this system is a plus.

Our editor has nearly three decades of newsroom experience.

Experience/education: Newsroom reporting experience beyond college, at least one year. That’s a must, unless you were a superstar in college and can send us hard-news clips that prove it. Again, we want people with recent newsroom experience. Bachelor’s degree in journalism or related field; experience with social media, video and photography; experience with Mac; strong knowledge of AP style and grammar; clean, consistent, accurate writer. We need somebody who can come up with enterprise ideas and contribute to projects. Nights and weekend work as needed.

We get a lot of resumes that include food-and-beverage clips, features and opinion. What we want to see is that you can go beyond the obvious on hard news, can come up with your own ideas and aren’t satisfied writing softball stuff all day (though we do some of that and are proud of it; we love community news).

We are looking for stories that help set the agenda, that address uncomfortable issues, are relevant and meaningful, and that tell the rest of the state what we’re all about.

Our staff is experienced and enthusiastic about good journalism and serving the community through meaningful work. When fully staffed, we have four full-time reporters and an editor. We are proud of our family-owned company. Our company was awarded Google funding in 2019, and we’re in the process of launching our own social media site across the company.

Graham and Greenlee counties are located in southeastern Arizona and boast a combined population of roughly 50,000 people. Many of the residents of both owe their livelihoods to the mining industry, ranching and farming. Safford is the Graham County seat and home to our offices, Eastern Arizona College and Mount Graham International Observatory, which includes one of the world’s largest and most powerful telescopes. The economy of Greenlee County is dominated by the Morenci Mine, roughly 45 minutes from Safford and one of the largest copper mines in the world. Historic Clifton is the county seat and home to plenty of ghosts.

Salary: As part of Wick Communications, we offer a competitive package of pay and benefits, including medical, dental and 401(k). We are an equal opportunity employer.

Interested? Send a resume, at least five clips and a cover letter laying out what you can bring to the table to editor Kim Smith at editor@eacourier.com