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Publishers: Completing your statement of ownership – USPS form 3526

Completing Your Statement of Ownership
If Your Periodical Frequency Changed

It is nearly time to complete USPS form 3526 declaring statement of ownership for Periodicals permits. This declaration is required by statute every year for Periodicals permit owners. 

Paid newspaper members: The deadline to complete and file your annual U.S. Postal Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation (Form 3526) with your postmaster is Oct. 1.
This form must be published in your newspaper as follows:
  • Dailies and 2-3 Times Weekly: by Oct. 10
  • Weeklies: by Oct. 31

Many newspapers have changed frequency during the pandemic but have not yet been required to change their permits to reflect the new frequency.  Questions have arisen about which frequency to declare on the form.

NNA consulted the USPS Pricing and Classification Service Center for guidance. 

Here are some tips.

  • USPS is not yet requiring Periodicals to file a re-entry of their permits for frequency changes. That privilege has no declared deadline but likely USPS will begin looking for declarations of permanent change around the end of October.
  • If publishers expect their new frequencies (e.g., from daily to twice-weekly) to be permanent, a Form 3510 must be filed.  If the expectation is that the publication will return to its former frequency, no action is needed at this time. Watch NNA alerts for news if USPS changes its tolerance for temporary status.
  • In filling out the Form 3526 for annual Statement of Ownership, the OLD or formal frequency should be declared. EG, if a daily has been twice-weekly during the pandemic but has not filed a form 3510, declare as a daily.
  • In reporting issue and copy totals, use the ACTUAL publication numbers if frequency has been reduced.
  • Be sure to publish the Statement of Ownership in the newspaper in the next issue after October 1.
As always, members are welcome to use the NNA Postal Hotline for help.