Notice by Newspaper handbook

2017 (Dec.) Edition

Notice By Newspaper is a comprehensive guide to Arizona statutory requirements for notice by newspaper publication courtesy of the Arizona Advertising Services Inc. and Ballard Spahr LLP /David J. Bodney & Chase A. Bales.

Since the last edition of this guidebook, the state legislature finally accomplished what the Arizona Newspapers Association had successfully opposed for more than a decade: the elimination of the corporate notice publication requirement. Without doubt, this was the single most significant legislative development affecting the publication of “notices” in newspapers in recent years.

 Regrettably, the legislature ended the publication requirement for non-profit and for-profit corporations alike. Under these recent amendments, there no longer exists a requirement that these notices be published in newspapers. Instead, the law relies on the Arizona Corporation Commission to post these documents to an online database.

Apart from this setback, lawmakers made relatively few changes over the past five years to the notice-by-newspaper requirements.

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