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Public Notices

When Arizona became a state, Legislators understood that in the United States, each of us has a right to information about government, and about other activities that touch our lives because.

These are known as Public Notices, Legal Notices, Legal Ads, Etc. We refer to them as “Your Right To Know.”

Newspapers have enhanced the Legislative Intent of Public Notice by newspaper by making them available in a single, non-government database.. Your hometown newspaper in smaller Arizona towns may publish two or three Public Notices a week while newspapers in larger areas may publish a hundred or more.

Often they are in the Classified Advertising section. The type may be small, but the information is there to keep the light shining on what you may need to know.

Your town publishes notices about new laws/ordinances the town council is considering. Or, notices may be about financial matters concerning your school district, or taxing plans for a special utility district. Corporations are required to publish notices too.

Research into readership of newspapers constantly finds that the public expects this type of information to be printed by governments, corporations, etc. And, research tells us that people read it.

When a Public Notice is in your newspaper, research tells us that you scan it as you turn the pages. It isn’t passed over or ignored.

A printed notice doesn’t change. It is a permanent record.

Why make it available then on the Internet?

The Internet has become the best invention yet to find out something from a very, very wide viewpoint. In the case of the Arizona Newspapers’ Public Notice database, you now can see this information that government wants you to have, no matter if it is your town or a town a hundred miles away.

Want to know if the town where you used to live is building a park? Want to know if a corporation miles and miles away has filed a name change?

Until now you had to pay a clipping service to mail public notices to you. Some in government believe notices should be on government websites. But that would be secrecy by fractionalization because there are more than 500 government websites in Arizona. Besides, do you want the government to be your public information provider? That is like letting the fox guard the hen house.

At no additional costs to the taxpayer or the advertiser, the newspapers of Arizona post their notices to this single database. Using the link buttons at the top of this page you can word search manually any time you like… or you can subscribe to Public Notice Smart Search and have them sent to your email address automatically.