News from the ANA Director

Happy Holidays!

Your ANA staff has been prepping for 2022. We are excited to announce a new format for our ANA Newsletter. I am sharing some of the changes & they ALL require input from YOU!!  Please read below and email with your requests or ideas. Remember, if you don’t volunteer you may be voluntold.

  • Monthly Member Spotlight – Big anniversary? Changes? We will choose one member a month & do a feature on them. If you have a something in 2022, I need to know.
  • Guest Commentary – What are your thoughts on the industry? What ideas do you have to share with the group for the greater good?
  • Campaign Spotlight – Share your successful campaigns – from client success to growing readers.
  • Meet “employee name here” – Have a staff member that has gone above and beyond? Nominate them to be our Employee of the Month. Prizes may happen.

We are also working on our Professional Development Learning Series. We have engaged an Instructional Designer to assist with the program but need you to tell us what fields to start with.

  • Editorial
  • Photography
  • Sales
  • Digital
  • Production
  • Circulation
  • General Best Practice
  • ???

Please talk amongst yourselves and send me your thoughts. This is for YOU – and you can’t complain if you don’t participate. Seriously, I don’t bite.

A reminder that the ANA offices are closed Friday, December 24th and Friday December 31st.  Early deadlines begin next week.  

There will be more to come, so stay tuned! And as always, feedback and comments are welcome. L.simpson@ananews.com, cell: 602-326-9588, office: 602-261-7655

However you celebrate – The happiest of wishes from Sarah and I!