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ISWNE contest extends deadline to March 1

The International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors (ISWNE) board has extended the entry deadline to March 1. This year’s conference is in Portland, Ore.

The ISWNE is trying to include as many local weekly newspapers as possible this year because much of their work goes unnoticed on a national/international platform.

Contest entries should reflect the purpose of ISWNE: Encouraging the writing of editorial or staff-written opinion pieces that identify local issues that are or should be of concern to the community, offer an opinion, and support a course of action.

Here are four reasons to enter:
1. If you win the Golden Quill, you receive a conference scholarship (a $550 value) and travel expenses of up to $500 to attend the July 11-15 conference in Portland, Oregon.
2. If you win the Golden Quill, you receive a gold-plated golden quill mounted on a black marble base with your name engraved (a $455 value).
3. If you are one of the 11 runners-up, you receive a Golden Dozen award and a conference scholarship if you haven’t attended an ISWNE conference before.
4. If you are a Golden Quill or Golden Dozen winner, your editorial or column is reprinted in the Summer 2018 issue of Grassroots Editor and preserved for posterity.

To find out more about this annual contest, and download the entry form, visit their website.