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AP Definitive Source: Ensuring accuracy wins against fake news

Fact-checking has taken on new meaning in a world where misinformation spreads quickly on social channels, often disguised as legitimate news content. Journalists worldwide have a responsibility to identify and debunk stories that are trending but simply wrong. The Associated Press has stepped up its efforts to separate fact from fiction when questionable news stories emerge, including by partnering with Facebook to inform users about disputed content.

Join AP for a conversation on what is being done and how you can be a part of taking on the crisis of fake news.

What: AP Definitive Source Webcast: Ensuring accuracy wins against fake news
When: March 8, 2017 @ 2 PM Eastern
• Jason White, Facebook/Manager News Partnerships
• Eric Carvin, AP Social Media Editor and Online News Association/Ethics Chair
• Brian Carovillano, AP Vice President/U.S. News

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