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Why Report Local – Part 6 of 8

For the 6th edition of Why Report Local, we chat with Mike Caywood, the Arizona Group Publisher for News Media Corp. He handles newspapers in Globe, including Arizona Silver Belt, Copper Country News, and Apache Moccasin, which covers Globe and San Carlos. He also...

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Why Report Local? Part 5 of 8

In part 5, hear from Manuel Coppola, Publisher of Nogales International and The Daily Territorial. Nogales is located on the southern border of Arizona and Mexico. It's a small town with big town reporting opportunities. Why Report Local? Tracy Townsend “Why Report...

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Why Report Local? Part 4 of 8

In this part, we will visit the small but mighty town of Williams, Az. It's one of my favorite get-a-way spots. Hear from Wendy Howell about what it is like to work in that community in this part. Once again, a huge thank you to Tracy Townsend. Why Report Local? Tracy...

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Why Report Local? Part 3 of 8

This week we are featuring a different kind of small community - one that is very much part of the Phoenix Metro area but is disconnected and has often been referred to as the Mayberry of Phoenix. Have you guessed it yet? It's Fountain Hills. We spoke with Ryan...

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Why Report Local? Part 2 of 8

I am excited to share the next installment - part 2 is the interview with Donovan Kramer Jr from Casa Grande Valley Newspapers. Their newspaper family has been involved in a lot of innovative programs to help the industry. Please read what Donovan has to say. Why...

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Why Report Local? Part 1 of an 8 part series.

Earlier this year I began interviewing Publishers and Editors from some of Arizona's community newspapers. Some are larger than others, but they share one thing in common - they are in smaller communities. Many new reporters want the excitement of working for a large...

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