Welcome to September, the “ber” months. Or in Arizona, when the monsoon ends and it goes back to just being HOT for another month. Anyway – Happy Friday, I know that many of you are off on your Labor Day adventure, but not me (yet) I am holding down the ANA fort today. (Cheers to those of you still on the clock today!). First, I want to remind all of the newspapers’ leaders that our Leadership conference in on October the 7th. Sign up now!

And did you miss our August Lunch and Learn with Column? We have another coming up on September 22nd with Robin from ASK-CRM where he will share tips on optimizing your CRM for revenue growth. Link to register will go out next week.

I have had several meetings with our Column Partners and not only are they supporting our conference, but they are innovating to help make Public Notices an invaluable part of every community. Stay tuned for more information on how we can work with our government partners better. There is a lot happening in that space, please reach out directly to learn more.

Clean Elections debates – Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commissions has always been a been a great partner for media. This year, we have worked with the Arizona Broadcasters Association, Clean Elections and Arizona PBS to give all members unprecedented access to simulcast the Senatorial and Gubernatorial debates. This means we are making sure all citizens in Arizona can view the debates regardless of their preferred media outlet. Please reach out to me so I can get you on the list. Newspapers play an important role in democracy, so let’s get this info out.

It’s a short note because I have to get back to work on the many new programs the  ANA is has cooking to help our industry grow, stay tuned for future notes. Have a safe weekend!