I cannot believe it is August already. I would say summer is almost over, but we live in Arizona so we likely still have 3 months of HOT.

I just returned from the NAM (Newspapers Association Managers) conference where Directors from all over the country (and Canada) came together to discuss challenges and opportunities in the Newspapers business. Some things that we discussed included the Relevance Project, redefining print vs digital, fundraising for Foundations, hiring challenges and public notices. There will be more to come on some new ideas!

You may have also seen the news that our public notice technology partner — Column — announced details about the investment they raised to advance their work hand-in-hand with us at the association. We are very excited about this! If you’d like to learn more about Column’s expansion plans, here’s their CEO Jake Seaton talking about what’s next. You can also read more on their blog about how Column plans to spend the $30m they’ve raised.

And finally – Save the Date. October 6th is the day the BNC and Excellence in Advertising winners will be announced in an online event and on October 7th, the ANA will host a leadership conference and celebration cocktail party.

Until next time,