Happy March! It’s the celebration of St. Patrick, Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, International Women’s Day and the Spring Equinox. AND if you are from Arizona (Sorry Navajo Times, I know you participate) we celebrate by not changing our clocks. This month also sees us past the supposed 1/2 way point of the AZ Leg Session. Still been very busy keeping an eye on Legislative matters, with guidance from the ever-vigilant John Moody.Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns, or to our Legislative Committee chaired by Manuel Coppola.Our Committees have been meeting regularly and are coming up with great ideas to help move our industry (and association forward). The education committee is working on an innovative program that we are very excited about. (Here is something Sad/Funny: Google “Newspaper Training”). The Contest Committee is working to update the categories and rules…Updates will be out soon. AND take the HINT to start collecting your entries now. Our Member Spotlight this month is the Yuma Sun, which turns 150 this month. Quite the accomplishment and looks great! More on that below. I also wanted to share an article written by Mary Reardon for Editor & Publisher remembering Bob Wick. Please take a moment to read this article celebrating his life. Last thoughts – I really want to hear from you. What’s New? What’s Important? What am I missing? What do you need?L.simpson@ananews.com, cell: 602-326-9588, office: 602-261-7655