WOW! We had an amazing convention and awards program on Saturday. I enjoyed meeting so many people there. A lot of hard work goes into running a newspaper and it is important for all of us to get together and celebrate the wins. And, as important as the seminars and awards are, many of you told me the networking was worth the trip.

Speaking of seminars, we had a great turn out for Gordon Borrell and he didn’t pull any punches. He gave us an interesting look at the 10-year forecast and then brainstormed some ideas for us to improve to meet those challenges. If you missed that seminar, or wish you could hear what he said again, I have great news. Gordon has agreed to conduct a free webinar on Oct. 29 on the same topic. It will be an abbreviated version of the seminar from his seminar, but I encourage you all to attend. More information here.

I could only sit in for a few minutes of each seminar, but there was some important information shared. I would like to acknowledge our presenters:

Gordon Borrell – Newspapers 2031
Asst. Chief Ed Wessing – Crime Scene Safety and working with local law enforcement
Dan Shearer – Transforming Newsletters
Christina Tellez – Sustaining readers and converting “zombies”
TownNews Panel (Melissa Hilton, Reilly Kneedler, Alessia Alaimo) – Reducing checkout friction to grow subscribers
Dr. Teresa Bertsch – Covid Mental Health challenges
Luige del Puerto – To Tweet or Not to Tweet
Teresa Travers – converting press releases to editorial stories

I am working with a few of our other speakers to conduct additional webinars or Q & A’s. We will keep you informed so that everyone has a chance to learn more.

If you missed the event, here is the link to the press releases with the winners. Congratulations to all (and a reminder to start saving NOW for next year’s entries, the 2022 contest opens on May 1).

I look forward to hearing from you –; cell (602) 326-9588. 

Lisa Simpson