Lisa Reilly
Publisher, Yuma Sun
ANA 2021-22 President

Reilly is a graduate of Northern Arizona University with a BSBA in Management. She serves as the Chairman of the Yuma County Chamber of Commerce Board and as Secretary/Treasurer of the Blythe California Chamber of Commerce. Lisa began serving on the ANA board in 2018.

Reilly has worked in the newspaper industry since 1982. She held various progressive roles in advertising and accounting before becoming publisher.

She noted the Yuma Sun is about to mark a major milestone in its history. “What is really exciting for our team is that the Yuma Sun is turning 150 years old in March. We have not found another business in Yuma County which is older, which attests to the importance of local news in our communities” Reilly said.

As for ANA, Reilly noted the future is bright, and the possibilities are endless.

“The board is excited to work with ANA’s new executive director, Lisa Simpson and her team.” The new energy is inspiring, and Lisa has jumped in with both feet. “The pandemic threw many challenges at Arizona’s newspapers so it’s more important than ever that we not only work together as an association but also prepare our teams to meet the changing needs of our readers and advertisers.” Reilly said.

“The board has tasked Simpson with some pretty hefty goals so members, don’t be surprised if you get tapped to be more involved in committees, education opportunities and more.” Reilly noted.

Reilly noted ANA plans to continue the good fight at the legislature. The board is committed to forging on with ANA’s strong lobbying efforts on behalf of public notices and protecting Arizona from unwarranted attacks on the First Amendment.