Hiring is a hot topic that comes up when I am out meeting with newspapers. It’s not just the newspaper industry, but we do seem to have an extra stigma to overcome. The word ‘newspaper’ always seems to generate an eye roll. The ANA can’t make candidates appear overnight, but we can work to build that pipeline so that they are available in the future. I have been meeting with community colleges and universities to re-invigorate our relationships and build intern and hiring programs.

I had a great conversation with Glendale Community College. They have a couple of different journalism programs with students that need intern experience. Anyone on the west side of town, or willing to work with students remotely or virtually, please let me know and I will connect you. Also, for advertising – I got your back – as we can also work with their marketing and business programs. Remember, we can’t hire entry level people with 10 years of experience if we don’t start them young.

I also spoke with the University of Arizona last week. Here’s something you may be interested in: University of Arizona School of Journalism Fall Internship Fair – newspaper editors: If you or one of your staffers would like to interview students for 2022 spring and summer internships, or potential jobs after graduation, please consider participating in their Fall Internship Fair. The event is Friday, Oct. 29, (all day) at the Marshall Building, Third Floor, 845 N. Park Ave., Tucson. For more info, contact Mike Chesnick, career strategies and outreach manager, at mchesnick1@arizona.edu or (520) 626-1919.

And finally, (yes there will be reminders from now until October 6) The 82nd Annual Meeting and Fall Convention is on October 9. We look forward to celebrating our members achievements and providing educational seminars. This is a great place to share ideas, network and learn. Hope to see you all there!!

As always, I look forward to hearing from you too – l.simpson@ananews.com; (602) 261-7655, or my cell (602) 326-9588. 

Lisa Simpson