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2016 ANA Political Marketing Guide
(March 2016)
A political marketing guide containing valuable advertising guidelines, dates, contacts, maps and more.
Your sales team can also use this 16-page publication as a tactile tool to give candidates, incumbents, lawmakers, agencies and campaign committees to show them just how essential it is to advertise in YOUR community newspaper during an election season!
Click here to download, or call our office for your FREE copies, (602) 261-7655.

Arizona Reporter’s Handbook on Media Law
(Feb. 2015)
Marking Perkins Coie’s 34th year of representing the First Amendment Coalition of Arizona Inc., the firm has published an electronic version of the 7th edition of Arizona Reporter’s Handbook on Media Law. Download is FREE.
Please feel free to let your colleagues, friends and even casual acquaintances know about the new edition of the e-Handbook and that they can download it for free right now.
This Handbook provides a general summary of media law and should not be relied upon or used as a substitute for seeking your own attorney’s advice on the specific legal issues. If you wish further advice about anything contained in this Handbook, contact Daniel C. Barr at Perkins Coie at (602) 351-8000 or through the firm’s website, www.perkinscoie.com, which contains a description of the firm’s Media Law practice and lists those professionals who practice in the area.

Open Meeting & Public Records Law
(Dec. 2014)
Arizona Ombudsman Office
Arizona Open Meeting Law Booklet  [Download .pdf]
Arizona Public Records Law Booklet  [Download .pdf]
Journalist’s FAQ Sheet  [Download .pdf]

Advertising by Newspaper
by David J. Bodney and Chris Moeser
A guide to print advertising in Arizona (2014)
[Download .pdf]

Fair Housing Advertising Guidelines
The Fair Housing Act (FHA) prohibits certain categories of discrimination in housing/real estate advertising. Follow this link to find several aids to assist you in following the regulations specified by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

First Amendment Center
Newseum Institute
The Newseum Institute’s First Amendment Center, with offices at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. and at the John Seigenthaler Center, on the Vanderbilt University campus, in Nashville, Tenn., serves as a forum for the study and exploration of free-expression issues through education, information and entertainment.
[View it online]

NAA Sensemaker Report
by Newspaper Association of America
New data that allows a more detailed picture of the mobile and non-mobile digital audience of newspapers (2013)
[Download the report]

Notice by Newspaper
by David J. Bodney and Chris Moeser
A guide to public notice law in Arizona (2012)
[Download .pdf]