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Hold editorials to highest standard

pumarlo_jim_mug_1_circleBy Jim Pumarlo

What’s the first word you associate with editorials? Editorials can serve a variety of roles.

They educate. What are the current rental codes and how would they be strengthened under a proposed ordinance before the city council? …

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Transparency Camp comes to Phoenix

Transparancy CampThe Sunlight Foundation is teaming up with the Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting, Galvanize, and the Arizona Institute for Digital Progress for TCamp 2017, May 22.
The event will bring “together the best and brightest from the government, developer …

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Qualify your advertising prospects

Foust_John_2016_mug_circleby John Foust – Newspaper Advertising Trainer
Raleigh, NC

You may have heard the old story about the door-to-door salesman who was selling vacuum cleaners way out in the country. When a lady came to the door, he dramatically emptied …

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Support real news

by David Chavern
News Media Alliance, CEO

2016 was the year of “fake news.” It dominated the election cycle, it took over Facebook feeds and even caused crime.

But as inundated as we were with fake news, it is …

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