Better Newspapers Contest

The awards are usually announced with a large-screen presentation showing the winning entries and the people who created them, at the conclusion of ANA’s Fall Convention. Entering into the Better Newspapers Contest is the the second step to vying for Newspaper of the year.

Previous winners

2016 Recipients_BNC [pdf]

2015 Recipients_BNC [pdf]

2014 Recipients_BNC [.pdf]

2013 Recipients_BNC [.doc]

2012 Recipients_BNC [.pdf]

2011 Recipients_BNC [.pdf]

2010 Recipients_BNC [.pdf]

2009 Recipients_BNC [.pdf]

2008 Recipients_BNC [.doc]

2007 Recipients_BNC [.doc]

2006 Recipients_BNC [.doc]

2005 Recipients_BNC [.doc]

2004 Recipients_BNC [.doc]

2002 Recipients_BNC [.pdf]

2000 Recipients_BNC [.pdf]

2001 Recipients_BNC [.pdf]

1999 Recipients_BNC [.pdf]

1998 Recipients_BNC [.pdf]

Newspaper of the Year

The Arizona Newspapers Association determines the Newspaper of the Year by adding up the point from the Excellence in Advertising contest along with the Better Newspapers Contest. The daily newspaper and the non-daily newspaper with the most points are awarded the title of “Newspaper of the Year”. Winners are listed in the BNC press release.